The goal of the Mt. Sima Snow School is to introduce and develop skills in the various sliding sports for participants of all ages.



Our snow school, is above all, a school that gathers around the values common to these sports and is a place for exchange and sharing.



The Mt. Sima Snow School offerings are based on a respectful relationship among children, between the child and the instructor, and between adults.We see sport as an important vehicle for education and engaging the community. We base our actions on a moral commitment to one another. We think pleasure can be learned for have fun moments!



Mt. Sima Snow School's approach to children's activities emphasizes discovery, sharing, exploration and an appreciation of each individual’s way of learning so that our students experience success through the guidance of our talented instructors. In this approach, the child will feel more confident with their instructor and with themselves as they develop their skills.

The ‘Teaching Assistants’ will support our Instructors and will learn to be wise guides for everyone.


Join Us!

Mt. Sima Snow School warmly invites you to meet us and share great gliding moments!