Notice: Opening Day Friday, December 6th, 2019

Trails Map & Stats

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Vertical Drop: 318 metres/1043 feet

Total Acreage: 37 hectares

Number of marked runs: 15

Lifts: High speed fixed grip quad

        Handle tow

Terrain Parks : 4

Boarder/skicross : 1

Bunnyhill: 1

Run Status - Updated March 22  @ 3PM

Bunny Hill - Open

Pokey - Open (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Pokey Back - Open (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Hailey's - Open

Upper Park (Coyote) - Open

Lower Park - Open

Pete's Plunge - Boundary

Dream Weaver - Open (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Friend Zone - Boundary (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Snow Cross - Open

Gold Rush - Open

Gold Rush Moguls - Boundary

Upper Racer's Traverse - Open

Dan's Descent - Open

Lower Racer's Traverse - Open (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Chilkoot - Boundary - (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Bark Biter - Boundary (Unmarked Rocks and Obstacles)

Billy Goat - Boundary (Enter at own risk)