The following steps provide some insight into the chronological actions being taken to ensure the safety of all members of our community and staff within the reality of COVID-19, while continuing to provide lift access mountain biking in the summer 2020 season.

Preliminary Screening

Each operational bike day will have two time slots, each 3 hours long, with a maximum 70 available tickets per slot. You MUST REGISTER in advance! Registration will close 48hrs before each Bike Night. Once the first slot is finished, guests will need to exit the premises before the following slot begins.

Through the online sales/registration portal, guests will be asked screening questions confirming their health status. We will be using the Yukon Government standards for our screening. Once guests have confirmed the absence of illness or symptoms, guests will be directed to pay. A reminder of what to expect will be included with the confirmation email.

Upon Arrival

As guests arrive there will be a variety of signage outlining best sanitization and spatial distancing practices, as well as important policies.

Guests will park their vehicle, leave their bike and equipment, and walk up to the Greeter. Should there already be a guest with the Greeter, guests will line up while keeping appropriate distance.

With our pre-registration system, the Greeter will be provided a list of all registered individuals for the day, their time slot, and a check-off for the guest to confirm health related information they gave at the time of purchase is still accurate. Once guests are cleared, the Greeter will then provide guests with a place in line and a waiver to be completed on a shared table space, equipped with hand sanitizer.

The Greeter will be wearing a mask and gloves (PPE) and ensuring the safe distancing of guests in line, frequent sanitization of contact points, and a first contact for any questions.

Ready To Go

Once in line, guests will provide their waiver to the ticket agent through the outdoor ticket window in exchange for their lift ticket. Our ticket agent will sanitize all contact points between guests.

Once guests have their lift ticket, have retrieved their bike, and move into the lift line, they will continue to be directed to maintain appropriate spatial distancing. 

Each chair/bike carrier will be limited to two persons/bikes, each loading and mounting the chair from opposite sides in order to maintain safe spacing. The lift operators at the summit will unload bikes from opposite sides, be equipped with PPE, and leave the bikes in a safe space for the guests to collect. 

At the summit, and the base, there will be increased bike storage as well as sanitization stations with hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes for bikes, and garbage bins. There will be signs directing the guests to wipe down their bike handles and seats after being handled by our lift operators.

Food & Beverage

We will not be providing food service in-house. Please check back for possible updates.

Washroom Facilities

Washrooms will be available to guests, and there will be clearly taped off routes to direct guests between the washrooms while limiting contact points, providing sanitizer in washrooms, and having staff on hand to clean the facility regularly.


All patrol members will be provided updated training to ensure best practices are being met while ensuring the safety of our staff and guests. Each patrol member will be equipped with gloves, masks, sanitizer, and eye protection. Patrol protocols will be updated to ensure guests requiring First Aid will be provided a mask upon first contact, and screening questions are updated to include COVID-19 screening.