Notice: Opening Day Friday, December 6th, 2019

Feb 25, 2019

Spring Passes on Sale!

Our Spring Passes are for sale on the website and at the hill. Ski and Ride from March 8th until the end of the season for low, low prices.

Adult Pass: $239, Youth/Senior: $199, Child: $159 With these prices you could be skiing for $8 a day!*

If you're planning a spring break trip, don't forget these passes get you GREAT discounts at many hills, just another reason to buy and save... Reciprocal partner info HERE.

Passes will be ready for pickup from Guest Services starting March 8th, please make sure you thoroughly read our waiver and release of liability.

*$8 rate based on an adult skiing the 29 remaining ski days in the 2018/2019 season. Owing to seasonal variables we may shorten or extend the planned operating season.

Feb 10, 2019

Inversions and SIMA weather

Everytime we have temperature inversion conditions (where it is warmer up high than down low), and particularly when it is cold downtown we get asked questions, so here's a quick FAQ:

Are your temperature numbers accurate?
Yes - SIMA's weather is an hourly feed from the YG weather station located at the top of the hill. We just stream the data to our website

I don't believe you!
That's ok! You can verify the numbers as YG shares them via the Avalanche Association's Website:

Where is the data for the parking lot?
Unfortunately, the base area info is from manually reading thermometers. If anyone would like to sponsor a base weather station and data feed, please email, we'd love to have one!

Why does this happen?!
Temperature inversions basically occur when a mass of cold air gets trapped in a valley bottom. Owing to Whitehorse's prevailing weather patterns and topography this is very common, especially during colder periods, high pressure, or Southerly winds.

Jan 29, 2019


Sima Cup racing is happening the 9-10 Feb! See the attached image for all the info, or contact for more info

Jan 04, 2019

More Terrain!

As we open more terrain we're happy to see the return of our 'Run Status' page - this can be viewed below the trail map on the Trails Map and Stats page

Dec 10, 2018

Smoking and Cannabis at Mt Sima

Clean air at Mt Sima

For the enjoyment of everyone visiting and supporting Mt Sima, smoking of any kind (tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes and vaporizers) is prohibited in the following areas at Mt Sima. Thank you for your cooperation and your consideration of others.  

  • Riding the chairlift or handle tow
  • Lift lines
  • Ski runs
  • Bike trails
  • Base area
  • Lounge deck

Tobacco products ONLY are permitted at designated smokers’ area at the base. There is currently no area at SIMA where cannabis may be smoked.

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