Feb 10, 2019

Inversions and SIMA weather

Everytime we have temperature inversion conditions (where it is warmer up high than down low), and particularly when it is cold downtown we get asked questions, so here's a quick FAQ:

Are your temperature numbers accurate?
Yes - SIMA's weather is an hourly feed from the YG weather station located at the top of the hill. We just stream the data to our website

I don't believe you!
That's ok! You can verify the numbers as YG shares them via the Avalanche Association's Website: http://www.yukonavalanche.ca/wx/weather.php?station=SIMA

Where is the data for the parking lot?
Unfortunately, the base area info is from manually reading thermometers. If anyone would like to sponsor a base weather station and data feed, please email gm@mountsima.com, we'd love to have one!

Why does this happen?!
Temperature inversions basically occur when a mass of cold air gets trapped in a valley bottom. Owing to Whitehorse's prevailing weather patterns and topography this is very common, especially during colder periods, high pressure, or Southerly winds.