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April 5/6th - Simapalooza Sound Stage

This year we're keeping the party going all night, TWO NIGHTS! Check out our page on the evening music festival here.


Friday, April 5th

4pm - Dummy Downhill - Dan's Descent


Saturday, April 6th

11am- Snowcross - Bordercross

12pm-Trudeau Method Competition- Upper Park

1pm- Slopestyle (ski and board)- Lower Park

2pm - Junior Jam - Pokey Park


Sunday, April 7th

11am Knuckle Huck - Big Air

1pm- Big Air Competition 

2pm- Champion of the Hill - Dan's Descent

3pm- Slush Cup- Bunny Hill


Dummy Downhill

Rules and Regulations

Mt Sima- Dummy Downhill


Maximum weight is 50lbs
Maximum height and width is 96 inches
Minimum height is 24 inches
No humans or animals can be included as part of the entry
No metal allowed (except fasteners, i.e. screws or bolts).
Acceptable building material includes: wood, plastic, wire, tape, foam rubber, vinyl, cardboard, or plastic tubing.
All dummies must use skis or snowboards as the runners
No pyrotechnics, fire, or motorized parts
All dummies must pass an inspection before they can be taken to the top of the course
It is the responsibility of the participants to clean up their dummy after the event.


Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

Most Creative Dummy
Biggest Carnage
Closest to the Target
Best Attempt