Mt Sima has over 2km of freestyle terrain in its parks and boarder cross, which means something fun for everyone. Whether you’re learning small jumps and boxes or riding hand rails and XL jumps, we have it. We are constantly building new jib features every season and pushing new snow features to keep things fresh.

Pokey Park

The Pokey Park is 0.3km long and has 7 small features. Here you will find beginner level ride on boxes, metal tanks, and small rollers. This is a great starting place for getting into the park.

Snow Cross

The snow cross is 0.6km long and has several rollers and banked turns to race down. Here you will find a course for intermediate levels. It has a 4 person start gate at the top for a true boarder cross race feel. The course ends in the lower park so you get to hit a couple more park features on your way back to the lift for another lap.

Coyote Park

Coyote Park is 1.1km long and is divided into upper and lower sections. In the upper park you will find 6-8 features from small to large. This park is for intermediate users that have mastered the Pokey Park. Here you will find small to medium jumps and hips as well as several different jib options. In the lower park you will find 6-8 features from large to extra large. This park is for advanced users that have mastered the upper park. Here you will find the Triple Jump and some more advanced rails.

Triple Jump

The triple jump is found near the bottom on Coyote and is for experts only. The jumps are an extra large feature, the first is a 20ft diving board, the second and third are 30ft step overs.

Big Air

The jump is found at the bottom of Dan’s Decent after the lower coyote park and is for experts only. The Dan’s jump is an extra large jump that ranges from 50-60 ft and is the home of the Simapalooza Big Air Contest.

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