Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Private Lessons

At Mount Sima Snow School, we believe that disability shouldn't be a barrier to having fun on the slopes. We are excited to begin offering individualized beginner ski and snowboard lessons for people with physical, visual, and cognitive impairments!

Our certified ski and snowboard instructors are trained in adaptive snowsport teaching methods under Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS).

We have adaptive equipment available for students with physical impairments to use! With funding supplied by the Rick Hansen Fund, Mt Sima was able to purchase a sit-ski and outriggers.

Who are the lessons for? Our Adaptive Lessons are for individuals with physical, visual or cognitive impairments who have never skied or snowboarded before, or are still learning on the Bunny Hill beginner area. 

All students will need to purchase a $53 annual CADS and BC Adaptive Snowsports membership, or a 1-day CADS trial membership for $10 for insurance and liability purposes.

Lessons are for ages 6 and up

Lesson TypeIncludesPrice
2hr Adaptive Lesson2hr lesson $45
2hr Adaptive Package Lesson2hr lesson, 1/2 day rental, 1/2 day lift ticket$70

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Adaptive Lessons are for anyone who has difficulties participating in or cannot participate in a mainstream ski and snowboard lessons. For example, individuals with visual impairments, cognitive impairments (e.g., autism, down syndrome, learning challenges, etc.) and physical impairments (e.g., cerebral palsy, spina bifida, individuals with spinal cord injuries, etc.).

As a new program, we are only offering adaptive lessons for individuals who have never ever skied or snowboarded or have a few times but are still developing their skills on the Bunny Hill/rope tow area.

At this time, as we are a new program with newly certified instructors we will only be offering beginner ski and snowboard lessons on the Bunny hill. 

For sit skiers who are tethered to an instructor, we will offer lessons on green runs after practice on the rope tow area.

The lessons are all private lessons with 1 student and 2 instructors. The lead instructor will be a certified CADS instructor and the second may be a volunteer. 

The Sit Ski is for individuals who ski in a sitting position. This may include individuals with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Mount Sima purchased a bi ski, a type of sit ski that has two skis on the bottom to provides a wider base than the mono ski and greater stability.

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Outriggers are a type of adaptive snowsport equipment for individuals with disabilities of the lower extremities who walk with a cane or crutches. Outriggers help the skier or snowboarder to balance while acting as canes with short ski tips on the ends.

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 If the temperature at Mt Sima is -15 degrees celsius or below, Mt Sima will cancel Sit-Ski lessons and reschedule to another date.

The weight limit for our sit ski equipment  is a maximum of 200lbs 

Our instructors are not able to administer medication or cater to specific personal toileting needs. If you need help with these areas please arrange to have a family member or caregiver meet you as required. 

  • Behavioural issues can be a part of many disabilities. We will make every attempt to accommodate all aspects of an individual’s disability. However, instructors are not prepared to deal with significant behavioural issues.
  • Please advise the Snow School Manager of any issues of concern so we can work together to ensure a positive and safe experience for all
  • Unacceptable behaviour includes: self-abuse, physical and verbal abuse of others, sexual overtures or contact, violence, profanity, a consistent unwillingness to participate in activities.
  • Caregiver accompaniment may be requested, or, in extreme situations, exclusion from the program will result, if a participant exhibits any of the above behaviours.

The aim of Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) is to give people living with disabilities the opportunity to eliminate barriers that have prevented them in experiencing the Joy and Freedom of Snowsports. Not only in a fun and inclusive environment that embraces diversity but in an accessible community that treats each individual with respect.

Nuway Crushing Ltd allowed Mt. Sima to offer FREE Adaptive Ski and Snowboard lessons last season! 

Nuway’s support has allowed us to purchase another seat size for our Sit-Ski to make the adaptive program more inclusive.