Simapalooza Results

Saturday Events

Snow Cross 

Master Snowboard: Gabe Rivest
Master Ski: Taras Yurkiv

Female youth ski: Tori Vollner

Male youth ski: Mackenzie Jenner

Youth snowboard: Connor Boland

Trudeau Method Comp 

Best method: Alex Chan

Best Method with Spin: Grayden Baby Shark

Most Trudeau Like: Taku

Speed Gun 

Tori Vollner. Speed of 91.4 KM/HR

Check out all the Speed times 2021 Simapalooza Schedule.xlsx – Speed Gun

Big Air 

Send it to the moon! Located near the base at the big air site competitors will do sled-laps to showcase their best tricks!

Knuckle Huck

Best dbl knuck – Ryan Mclaren

Best single board – Max Melvin

Best single ski – Etienne Geoffroy-Gagnon

Sunday Events

Dual Slalom 

Winning Team pending info relay.

Junior Pokey Jam

Best Rail: Tammo Waldron

Best Jump: mavik McKinnon

Best overall: Stiane Langbakk

Best costume: Henry Conners

Most improved: Seamus Macdonald

Best Attitude: Traton Priseaux


1: Max Melvin 

2: Lewis Buntz 

3: Alex Chan 


1: Miguel Rodden 

2: Zeb blower 

3: Louis Mouchet

Champion of the Hill 

Owen S Macdonald

Event Cancelled

Thanks for having a great time on Wednesday evenings this season!!

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