Thank You All!! This has been tons of fun and we look forward to the spring evenings!

Wednesdays Nights 4pm to 8pm

March & April Uphill Nights, Tickets purchased ON-SITE! (we are getting a new POS system in May and online sales not available until then!)

Sign in with your Season Pass, Spring Pass or Corporate Pass at the Bar.

Headlamps are required to be worn after dark. Reflective clothing is recommended.


Uphill traffic on Hailey’s only.
Descent routes on Hailey’s or Pokey’s only. We will inform you which downhill route is available that night.

Mt. Sima reserves the right to close access to any area at any time for any reason.

When traveling uphill or downhill follow the Alpine Responsibility Code, and follow these additional guidelines for uphill travel:

    • Stay on the designated uphill track
    • Do not hike or stand in the middle of a ski trail
    • Observe posted signs, warnings, and trail closures
    • Be alert for and yield to downhill skiers
    • Yield to and/or avoid all ski area machinery
    • Never stop in high-traffic zones, where you are likely to obstruct a trail, or where you are not visible to downhill traffic

Anyone found to be accessing the mountain outside of the allowed time and dates is subject to having their pass privileges revoked.


Learn and train in a safe environment that's close to home

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Do I need to have skins or a split board to participate?

No. So long as you are able to safely travel uphill, like on snowshoes, and your downhill equipment is safely fastened to your pack, you can participate.

Skin & Puke Challenge

How Many Laps in 12 Hours!?!?

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