Be first.

From start

to finish.

Start here to win

Coaches, set your stopwatch, jump into “the zone”, and prime your team for precision with set 
courses and specialized terrain for alpine, freestyle and snowboard.

Our dedicated training space and competition opportunities bring teams together, inspire greatness, and get those race points on the board. After all, winning isn’t everything, but it sure is nice.


Alpine training

Mt. Sima offers early season training on 300 vertical meters of varied terrain serviced by a fixed grip quad chair with a 10 minute ride to the top.

  • Dan’s Descent, a FIS homologated course for Alpine Slalom and Giant Slalom
  • Gold Rush for Slalom and Giant Slalom
  • Snow will be prepared to the hardest “race ready” surface and lined with a single layer of B-Net


Freestyle and slopestyle training

The terrain park is set up so that you can train on everything in one run, from top to bottom, as the features get progressively bigger. The Big Air can be hit after the Upper and Lower Park. We offer sled access to Big Air and Triple Jump Lines. This lets athletes get more laps in each day and builds a quicker progression. Sleds are limited to 3 per site to maximize quality and minimize congestion. Sled bookings are on a first-come first-serve basis and must be booked in advance.


Upper Park

  • A series of small and medium jumps 10 to 20 ft


Lower Park

  • 2 to 3 large rails leading to triple jump line
  • One step down jump, 2 step over jumps 20 to 40 ft


Big Air Site

  • 50 to 55 ft step over jump


Banked Slalom Track

15 turn banked slalom with a start section. Formed with dirt work to allow for early opening dates.


Base Park

  • Early season features that can be lapped from the handle tow
  • Progressive rail features
  • Box features

Ready when you are

November has arrived and while other hills anxiously wait for their first snowflake, our 
snow-building experts are pitching the posts and smoothing down the tracks. Your team can be warmed up and racing laps before most have even pulled out their gear.

And with our guaranteed snow year after year, we’ve got the pre-season routine down to a tee. 
So you can arrive with nothing but team talks and training plans on your mind.



Alpine Training: Nov 9 – Dec 1
Big Air Site*: Nov 15 (Closed for FIS Race Nov 18-19)
Upper Park: Nov 22
Lower Park: Nov 24
Banked Slalom Track*: Dec 1 (Tentative open date)
Rail Park (on bunny hill): Nov 15– Dec 30
Boarder Cross: Nov 18 – Dec 4

*Big Air and Banked Slalom are bookable for private sessions all season after preseason ends on Dec 5th.
We open for the public on Dec 6th, but your teams are more than welcome to continue training in the parks. 



Full Day Session: $126 (Inclusive of Lunch) / $115 (Without Lunch)

  • Prices are in CDN dollars, per participant plus GST (5%) and includes athlete hill access and unlimited complimentary coach lift tickets.
  • Facility access tickets for guests and/or individual staff or other personnel are $59 per day and include chairlift access
  • Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a 10% deposit.
  • In the event early season training is not available due to environmental factors, teams will receive a full refund less 10% deposit

Other Costs: Snowmobile w/ driver: $110/hr



  • Training lanes will be tentatively assigned based on team requests
  • Small teams with less than 10 participants train with other small teams if lane shortages occur
  • All courses must be slipped at the end of the morning training session
  • Any additions or changes must be pre-agreed upon at the teams’ coaches’ meetings 
  • Mount Sima will book space on a first-come, first-served basis

Always a guest, never a number

The small-town spirit of a Mount Sima welcome can’t be beat. First first touch down into Whitehorse airport, to arrival on the hill, our pre-season crew has the connections and the heart to make your team feel like VIPs – from gym passes to accommodation to restaurant recommendations.

If you like, we’ll even show you some hikes to see the sights. Welcome to Whitehorse!


Travel and accommodation

We understand that making travel arrangements can be both complicated 
and time-consuming. Contact us at and we’ll connect you with our travel and accommodation partners.


Conditioning Facilities

Whitehorse is a very active sports-minded community. Athletes can take advantage of our homegrown sports facilities: CrossFit space with our partner Peak Fitness and trampoline equipment at the Gymnastic Club. Recreational facilities are available at the Canada Games Centre at a reduced cost.



We understand that you can’t train all the time. Luckily, there’s always something exciting to do in the Yukon! Choose from awe-inspiring outdoor activities to fascinating cultural and historical sightseeing. Depending on your training schedule, let us know your interests and we will be more than happy to make arrangements for you and your team.