Our Sponsors

To maintain our momentum, we are constantly striving for even greater goals. By developing stronger partnerships and building upon community support, we will be able to ensure that our operation is continuously improving and that our hill continues to be successful.

Sima Partners

The Canadian government supports Mount Sima’s operations.

The Yukon government supports Mount Sima’s operations.

The City of Whitehorse supports Mount Sima’s operations.

Lotteries Yukon provides services and support to the Yukon lottery retailer network for the sale of lottery products (on-line games and Scratch’NWin tickets).

For over 50 years, Sports Experts is proud to promote physical activity through its partnership with a number of organizations, professional teams, athletes, coaches and sporting events organizers. Offering a wide selection of sports equipment, clothing and footwear of renowned and exclusive brands at competitive prices, we provide exceptional value to the consumer.

Aasman is a brand communications agency with 30+ years of experience in branding, communications, ad campaigns, graphic design, websites and media placement. We specialize in strategic thinking behind the creative.

Founded in 1995 as a people-first business, Wildstone has always promoted diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, and this has allowed our business to thrive.  Wildstone believes in providing a better building experience through delivering highly collaborative techniques to optimize customer value.

Castle Rock Enterprises is a general contractor based in Whitehorse, Yukon, and we offer clients an integrated and seamless process, ensuring on-time and on-budget performance.

Our business model allows us to customize our services to meet the specific needs and size of your project. Whether it’s underground utilities, quarry services, highway construction, topsoil, or snow removal, our team can provide you with a solution that meets all your budget and timing needs.

Chieftain Energy is Air North, Yukon’s Airline’s fuel supply arm. We are dedicated to safety and customer service, and our mission is to help keep air fares down.

Sima Champions